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HP Integrity rx1600 Server- new, refurbished, spares & relicensing

The HP Integrity rx1600 server uses one or two Low Voltage Intel® Itanium® 2 processor in a slim, 1U system package. HP Integrity rx1600 server provides the industry’s best combination of price/performance, ultra high-density form factor (41 servers into a 2-meter rack), and low total cost of ownership in enterprise HP-UX, Linux, and OpenVMS operating system releases.

HP Integrity rx1600 server
HP Integrity rx1600 server
HP Integrity rx1600 Server
Feature  Description
Performance / Scalability / Flexibility • 1 - 2 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors
• Clock frequency 1.0 GHz with 1.5 MB cache
• System bus bandwidth 6.4 GB/s
Operating systems • HP-UX 11i v2
• Red Hat Linux Advanced Server Intel
• SUSE Enterprise Linux 8 for Intel Itanium 2
• OpenVMS v8.1
Cache (on-chip) • Level 1 cache: 32 KB
• Level 2 cache: 256 KB
• Level 3 cache: 1.5 MB
Expansion slots • PCI-X slots: 2 slots, 1 full-length, 1 half-length 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X
• I/O bandwidth: 3.0 GB/s
Main memory • Bus bandwidth: 8.5 GB/s
• RAM type: PC2100 ECC Registered DDR266A SDRAM
• Capacity: 16 GB max
• Memory slots: 8 DIMM slots
• Memory latency: 80 ns
Core I/O interconnect • 10/100/1000BT LAN
• 10/100BT LAN
• 10/100BT management LAN
• 2 Ultra320 SCSI
• 3 RS-232 serial ports
• 2 USB
Internal storage devices • Internal bays: 2 hot-plug SCSI disk bays
• Disk offerings: 36 GB (10K rpm), 73 GB (15K rpm), 146 GB (10K rpm)
• Maximum storage: 292 GB
• Removable media: 1 open bay for DVD-ROM or DVD/CD+RW
Peak performance • Per processor: 8 GFLOPS per 2-processor system

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Models Available

• AB218A
• AB219A
• A9901A

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